Flashy visible contents are solid, Dubai of the unknown face? Kokugakuin

[Nichiwata Jing Nichimen] Middle East plant orders Rush | Sojitz ... United Arab Emirates (UAE) [flashy in charge], Dubai. This year also, in the world of skyscrapers [Burj Khalifa], fireworks to celebrate the New Year was ceremoniously launched. Dubai's reputation and presence is at once growing here 0-0 years, became the Middle East's premier business location. Associate the oil-producing countries Speaking of Middle East, Dubai is not a country where less splendid of oil. So why it was able to develop the economy so far. From Hosoi length (Ken Hosoi) 's story to study the Middle East economy in Kokugakuin, it does not rely on oil money, become visible own growth strategy. Production JBpress Dubai is unexpected rely on oil [trade of the country] Originally in Dubai there is a history that has flourished as a [trade of the country]. The history of transit trade is old, era India was a colony of the United Kingdom, a ship traveling from the United Kingdom was going through the Sharjah and Dubai. In addition, there is also a time when the natural pearl has become a major industry.